Friday, August 23, 2013

the dancin' dans do seafair.

while i was in napa with the girls, danny flew up to seattle to visit shmer's husband, dan, who was also in the US from australia. in addition to getting to spend way overdue time with dan, dyllan & ellie (danny's first time meeting the girls!), it also happened to be seafair weekend, a guaranteed good time. seafair is an annual summer festival in seattle with lots of parties including a big one on lake washington - envision boats tied up to each other, music, dancing, an air show, etc. and despite the unpredictable mercer island summer weather, the sun came out for the boy's day on the lake. 

danny loved getting to chill with dyllan (3.5 yrs), interact with her, teach her things. he said she's super spunky, laughs a ton and is a total sponge. he said ellie (7 months) is a super chill baby and really cute. 

here are the snaps i managed to get off his iPhone. 

oh, these boys together. 

dyllbug the lifeguard.

chillin' with ellie.

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