Monday, August 26, 2013

ted talk: is thirty really the new twenty?

a couple of weeks ago, danny and i watched an interesting Ted Talk about the significance of your 20s.
it got me thinking - a lot.

with my thirtieth lurking just around the corner, i've been in my own head reflecting on the last decade. 
thinking about what i would tell 20-year-old me. what i absolutely wouldn't tell her.
what would be that one, magical golden nugget of advice?

an almost 30something, i immediately huffed at this talk's title: "contrary to popular belief, 30 is not the new 20."
but i still hit play and was immediately pulled into this psychologist's 15-minute message.
 it's thought-provoking, on-trend and worth a watch.

doesn't it get you thinking about yourself and the words of wisdom we should be sharing with a 20something? 

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