Thursday, January 31, 2013

dyllan is an aussie. my heart is exploding.

after a phone chat with shmer last night, i got this video message from dyllan in my email inbox. i can't stop watching it. the dyllbug is such a sweet little girl and it's official, she's an aussie. you're going to die from cuteness when you get to the 36 second mark... the accent! it's full blown. i've watched that part 20 times. and her words and phrases... playing in the sand pit, eating ice blocks and "mucking around." i die.

danny and i laid in bed this morning and watched this a couple of times. 
"doesn't this make you want to have a baby?" says my husband. "yes... this kinda does." 
(but not yet!) 

our first spaghetti squash.

(yes, i changed half way through making dinner because i knew the white knit sweater was going to be bad news)

have you made spaghetti squash before?
it was our first time and we didn't really know what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised. 
danny was happy it didn't taste like squash. because apparently he "hates" squash. 

making spaghetti squash is super duper easy (watch this video) and obviously a much healthier "pasta" option.
for the red sauce, we did diced tomatoes, italian chicken sausage, diced onion, basil and parsley. 
all topped with a sprinkling of parmeasean cheese, of course.  

pretty good. i won't be craving it anytime soon, 
but will def keep it in mind for the next night we're craving comfort food but want a lighter option. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

tuesday night with geographer.

there's something so magical about the rhythm room. our last couple of concerts there have been so memorable. the kind that you keep thinking about it and talking about for days to come (like this one). that's the case for last night's geographer show. the band's trio played to a sold out (!) crowd and did not disappoint. they're each legit musicians and played multiple instruments throughout the show. the lead singer, mike deni, was a (very hot) natural on stage and in addition to his beautiful voice, he sang with tons of emotion and interacted with the crowd in a genuine and totally engaging way. it wasn't cheesy or forced. he was totally present for that show. me, alicia and angela may have been swooning a little bit. danny didn't mind. he was totally into it, too. the music, that is. 

the sunset on my way to meet angela & alicia for pre-concert sushi & cocktails.
the little blue box on indian school road. 

sailing around the island of st. john on simplicity.

during our virgin island vacation, all four of us voted the day on "simplicity" our favorite.
we charted a sailboat to take us from st. thomas to the beaches of st. john. 
our captains, charlie and josh, were awesome and they brought their dog hinkley along, too. 
the full-day sail included homemade rum punch cocktails, island brews and a delicious chicken lunch. 
we sailed, we swam up to private beaches including one "two butt beach" because it's so small, the boys snorkeled. it was a perfect day on the water.
we highly recommend you check out simplicity if you're in the islands. 

 our view of simplicity after swimming to "two butt beach" - st. john's caneel beach to our left. this was one of those moments that jenny and i had to pinch ourselves. "are we seriously sitting here right now? together? it was so gorgeous and too perfect." a view that photos just don't do justice to.

me and ting on "two butt beach"
danny's squid!

our sail ended in the red hook marina, so we explored the area and spent the rest of the night doing some bar hopping.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

glass trinkets to beautify your home, or give as a lovely gift.

i stumbled upon this stained glass shop while perusing Etsy.
i just love it all. how great are the mini pyramids? so chic empty or filled with your treasures.
back in his grade school days, d used to be quite the geo collector. perhaps we put an old favorite stone on display?
and that lamp? so pretty. the floor terrariums? bring a little of the outside in. all beautiful. do you agree?

the long road back to blonde.

i've decided to start the tedious process and get back to my blonde roots (ehhh, you know what i mean).

i'm liking the dark hair, but after a few months i still don't quite feel like me. and i know once spring hits, i'm gonna want to be blonde again.

so let the games begin. in college, i made the mistake of going from dark to light waayyy too fast and i absolutely refuse to fry my hair off again. so this time slow and steady will win the race even though i know that'll mean some awkward hair colors during the transition. the one i'm most excited for is a really dirty blonde look. not there yet though. i'm just really glad this first round didn't result in orangey brass hair. it's "warm" brown, but not orange. i'll take it.

my upcoming salon appointment schedule is pretty aggressive. i'm gearing up for lots of time in the chair. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

matt dewey's 30th birthday.

we celebrated matteo aka "hot rod's" 30th birthday with matching custom tanks and a full-day at Hull Bay on the super lush northside of St. Thomas. Hull Bay is a quiet little local beach with its own outdoor bar, music & games.


a pretty awesome way to celebrate three-o. 
we were stoked to be a part of it. hope it was a good one, hot rod. 
salulita swell! salulita swell! butterfly bleep... kit kat was takin' a bath!