Friday, December 31, 2010

places we've been in 2010.

Happy New Year's Eve! One of our annual holiday traditions is to sit back and reflect on everything we did and accomplished throughout the year. It's often easy to focus on what you didn't get done, didn't do or achieve, so we find this little ritual really rewarding. 

We have a notebook and write everything down... vacations, promotions, personal wins - paying off credit cards, learning new skills, cooking more, etc. Nothing is too big or small. I encourage you to try it this year. I guarantee you did and accomplished more than you think. Talking about it and seeing it all in writing helps end the year on a high note and leaves us inspired to do even more next year. 

Because the blog is our family's little online diary, I decided to visually recap the places we've been in 2010. 

...and we're currently in southern california for the last couple weeks of december...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Since Thursday we've gone from LA - San Diego - Orange County - LA... and this isn't our last stop. Nomads.

Danny's been a trooper driving all over Southern California to make sure I see as many family & friends as possible. Since we're usually a cool 6+ hour drive away, a 45 minute trek up HWY-5 doesn't seem too bad. 

We woke up in Orange County yesterday and it was the best. I got to lounge with my Colbs, chat over a cup of coffee, make breakfast... it almost felt like we were roomies in college again - complete with my grubby boyfriend lying on the couch. Ah, to be free of responsibility... 

Colbs is working this week so we hugged her goodbye (but we'll be back) and headed up to LA to spend a couple days alone this holiday break. Between the hecticness of the holidays and our non-stop travels I'm feeling a tiny bit under the weather, so D and I agreed to make our couple nights in LA as relaxing and vacationish as possible. Danny booked us a room at a little boutique hotel and it's just what I needed. The suite is great - complete with a fireplace in the living room and balcony with a view. Last night, we took advantage of the rooftop spa in makeshift swimsuits, ordered take-out Chinese from 88 Sushi in West Hollywood and watched a sneak peek of Teen Mom 2... just the two of us. So nice.

Yesterday afternoon, Danny introduced me to his favorite hamburger joint in the whole world, Golden State Cafe in West Hollywood. I've heard so much about this place - the food, the decor, the vibe - and it didn't disappoint. Danny had a regular burger and fries (the Lamb Burger is only served on Thursdays) and I did a Tuna Melt. I have to say, it was probably the best Tuna Melt I've ever had. 

Sadly, today's plans have been squashed by the rain. I was hoping to kick off the day in Runyon Canyon, followed by the Santa Monica Pier and check out the Getty Center (which we still may do). I wish we could flip-flop yesterday's sunny LA day for today's rain. Oh well, guess we'll have to slug around today. We're going to start with a hot breakfast at Griddle Cafe and see where the day takes us...

a family that plays together, stays together.

The day after Christmas, the Schramm siblings (Chris, Steven and me) plus our significant others headed to Churchill's, the local pub, to unwind from the holidays, play darts and be together. It was a great time.

At one point, I asked Steven who the best dart player is. He replied:
"Chris. Then me. Danny's hanging in there."
Hearing this fueled Danny's fire and he ultimately beat the boys.
1 winner. 2 losers. 
(see the board)

{lights. music. lights.}

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

little miss layla.

While in San Diego, Danny and I had the chance to catch up with Lacey Jaye and her adorable little Layla, a beautiful cream French Bulldog with the most adorable one-sided under bite. She was really excited to see The Tings - clearly sensed our Frenchie love. We're missing Huntie so an afternoon with Layla was the perfect fix. 

It was crazy to see Lacey's little brother, Kyle, who I haven't seen in years. We had fun reminiscing - oh the childhood memories! Pajamanastics, overnights, Grease on repeat, trampoline photo shoots... 

Layla is an adorable little lady with a wonderful mom and dad.

{my most favorite frenchie pose}

p.s. notice anything different about danny???

happy 5th birthday, hunterman.

we're in california this week, so we celebrated early with our little man. doesn't he just look so excited to be in a hat? we love you mr. man and wish you a very happy 5th birthday. we left a surprise with grandma & grandpa.

{doesn't he look thrilled to be in his birthday hat?}

{hunter: "i'm going to destroy this hat in seconds. damn you stupid birthday hat"}

Birthday: December 28, 2005
aka :: Hunterman, Monster, Mr. Pants, Pants, Shark, H and Huntie.

.his favorite things.
rope toys.
going on walks.
treats, treats & more treats.
skateboarding with dad.
the top step of the pool.
the rooster rug at the kitchen sink.
mint flavored snacks.
splashing through water. swamping in irrigation.
rawhide bones.
tricks – pound left, pound right and double high five.
sleeping in.
perimeter runs.
acting as head of security. warning of us the mailman, trash truck, landscapers & sprinklers.
grandma & grandpa bockting's compound.

...our favorite things about him...
how he's instantly exhausted at bedtime. this is his way of letting us know that there’s absolutely no way he can leave the pillow in the bed that he’s curled up on.
how he lets out a big sigh and gives us major attitude when he’s not happy.
that sometimes, he’ll just sit and stare at mom and dad for a loooong time to let us know he loves us.
how patient and sweet he was to his annoying little sister. he (usually) let her win.
the way he protects us from semi trucks and motorcycles that get close to our car.
how much he loves going on walks. smells, smells, smells.
how excited he gets for walks and hikes.
his sweet face.

{the cutest lil face}

{danny's favorite photo of him. this was one of the first photos we saw of him}

{love at first sight. i saw this photo, called danny and told him we found our dog}

{loves road trips. always in the middle}

{leaving pinetop after his first trip to the mountains. look at that sad face. so sweet}

{such a cute puppy. tired from helping mom move out of her apartment and in with dad}

{freckle pecker}

{del mar dog beach 2006}

{mama's sweet boy}