Sunday, October 31, 2010

ra ra rioting.

While Danny was off with the boys for Dan's bachelor party, I was out with the single girls for cocktails and the Ra Ra Riot show (an indie rock band) - which was awesome and sadly not sold out. The night included my first official dirty martini, a balloon guy named Hermie, cocktails made for little people and a whole lot of air guitar.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

jared turns twenty-nine.

Oh boy, oh boy - Jared is the big 2-9 today.

Where would I even begin? The day I met Danny I also met Jared and little did I know that I'd just met my future husband and new big brother. Jared and I are similar in a lot of ways which is probably why Danny likes us both so much but also why Jared and I tend to bicker (usually lovingly). I love the relationship Jared and Danny have, that Jared and I have and the friendship the three of us have. There isn't a day that goes by that one of us doesn't talk, text or e-mail.

J-Rod, we hope you have a fantastic birthday. I'd remind you to celebrate the last of your 20's in a big way - but I think that's a given. You live life to the fullest and we love that about you.

Wisely, you've been extra nice to me lately so the birthday photos will stay PC. I'm so glad for the tremendous amounts of memories, travels, and milestones we've already celebrated together and there's no doubt we have millions more in our future (pending my approval of your future wife.  that goes for you too Quinn). 

{yes, that's real}

 {beer pong team. it's usually better if we're on the same team}

{yeah! yeah! yeah! in indio}

 {two of my faves}

 {creepy lake tahoe tourist}

 {beachside in seaside, florida}

 {no, no.. you're not the fifth wheel}

 {annual memorial day weekend trip to coronado island, san diego}

 {so young. the boys in 2004}

 {dirtbags. homecoming 2004}

in your words, happy day of birth!

Friday, October 29, 2010

...till death do us part.

Hope you have a very Happy Halloween weekend. Today's my company's annual "Horror Classic" Halloween event so we're taking the light rail to the new Lucky Strike Bowling Alley in downtown Phoenix. When you work at an advertising agency you absolutely get dressed up for Halloween and the bigger & more creative the better. This year's company theme is "Monster Mash" so we have a lot of zombies walking around (I'm a slightly different version of last year's corpse bride)...  even the local FOX news station came by this morning to tape us. Super fun.

Us last year as a corpse bride & groom... 'till death do us part.

what's your costume?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

walk + wine.

You can't beat Arizona weather right now. Last night we walked to our neighborhood Postino for wine and bruchetta at the bar. The air is crisp. Carved pumpkins are on porches. It's time for Merlot. Fall is officially here.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the end of an era.

This week we said goodbye to "White Rice" Danny's latest car. Since I've known Danny he's had like seven cars - about one a year. Like his dad, he's a car guy and loves finding a good deal on a car, fixing it up and then selling it to move onto the next toy. I really did like this hatch. Adios, Mazda Speed 3. It's been a fun ride.

The new ride? The Urban Bike (seen here) and The Wife.

Note: Sadly, I asked Danny to snap photos after he'd already taken off his cool orange bike rack and other gear.


Jared shared this short film with us and we love it. The lighting in it is so pretty and way it was shot is beautiful. The girl is mezmerizing. The story makes you smile. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

dan's texas-sized bachelor party.

Danny made it home from Dan's Austin Bachelor Party safe and sound. His voice is kinda shot and he's still tired but overall in good shape considering what happens at bachelor parties.

The one thing that apparently didn't happen was any sort of quality photo taking. When I asked where the photos were Danny said, "Love, we're at a bachelor party. We don't round up all the guys up for cute group photos." Fair enough. But I still think they could have done better than they did... see below.

Here are the photos I scrounged up from Danny's iPhone...

And some more super awesome (note sarcasm) photos from Jared's Blackberry...

it's almost comical. i mean, really boys? A for effort? eh. of all things, the cheese dip?
these are a far cry from the girl's bachelorette weekend photos we're used to.

But at least they all had fun during their first trip to Austin (for any of them)! And, it happened to be UofA's Homecoming weekend and although they weren't in Tucson I thought it was cute they were together.