Friday, October 22, 2010

gno :: girls night out.

Hooray! It's Friday and the start of a girls weekend. It all starts tonight with dinner and drinks at good 'ole Casey Moore's before me, Angela, Alicia and Erinn head to the Clubhouse for the Ra Ra Riot show. It's just me and the single ladies tonight - watch out. If you don't have this album - get it. Danny and I love it all the way through.

Danny's off to Austin, Texas this weekend for Dan Carroll's Bachelor Party (Betsy's fiance). I'll be holding down the fort with my Hunterman and doing the girl thing alllll weekend long which includes brunch and bridesmaid dress shopping on Saturday - fun! Have tons of fun boys... and try to be good.

{about the album}

{a great track you can guarantee we'll be bouncing to tonight}


  1. Hey T - I'm here all weekend. Call me if you get lonesome. Xo

  2. LOVE the video- Yay Seattle! Dan and I were actually at bumbershoot- missed them though bc of a batchelorette party.. KEXP is a great station! HAVE FUN TONIGHT! Jealous!


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