Saturday, October 23, 2010

will you be my moh?

I recently received a surprise package in the mail and squealed when I opened it... for a few reasons.
1. It was a surprise.
2. It was a big box.
3. The enclosed card couldn't have been any sweeter - complete with a personalized poem (made me well up).
4. When I opened it I saw the most adorable green polka dotted box filled with goodies**
5. My best friend was asking me to stand by her side as her matron of honor. Such an honor.

**Goodies included post-it note explanations (typical Colby, her life is run by post-its):
  • Champagne - because there is a LOT to celebrate.
  • Earplugs - for when I just can't take another minute of wedding related talk (not possible).
  • Chapstick - because I'm obsessed and can't perform my duties with chapped lips.
  • Tissues - because obviously I'm going to cry when I see her all in white.
  • Advil - for headaches caused for hours of discussing colors, themes, songs, fonts, invites, veils and more.
  • Notebook - to keep track of the bride's wish lists, ideas plus shower & bachelorette party planning.  

How adorable, creative and thoughtful is that? Colbs, I'm honored to be your co-moh and have BIG heels to fill. You were the world's best MOH and I'll try my best to return the favor... thank goodness I have a co-pilot (yay, Ashton)!

Today some of the fun stuff began.... I went bridesmaid dress shopping with a girlfriend at a charming little bridal boutique in Old Town Scottsdale (and not gonna lie, it was SO fun and a little nostalgic to be back in a bridal shop)! Sadly, the bride and I don't live in the same state but we make it work. Thank goodness for iPhone cameras.

343 days... but who's counting?
{bridal shop today. print-outs, color swatches, taffeta and silk... oh my!}

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