Thursday, October 21, 2010

wind in the fur.

It's Thursday - one of Hunter's Paw Play days. He was timid at first and spent a lot of time playing alone with toys verses the other dogs. On day two we got the first call from his worried teacher... 

Teacher: "Hi. So Hunter just kinda hangs alone and barks at the air and random toys." 
Us: "Oh yeah, that's totally normal." 
Teacher: "Oh, okay. I've never really seen a dog do that before."

How embarrassing! Remember this video? It used to be "Hank" but now we think it's Sydney messing with him. 

Despite a slow start, we're happy to report he's being much social lately. He's made new friends including a Great Dane we've nicknamed "G. Dane" and Huntie feels so cool having such a big friend in his pack. 

I snapped a few photos on the way to school on Tuesday.... he loves cruising with his head out the window. I don't typically drive with my windows down, but for My Huntie - anything. The crisp morning air has been nice.

{reminds me of this passage}

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