Wednesday, October 20, 2010

around the world & pig.

When the evening weather is this nice you've just gotta be outside. So last night we cruised over to the park so Danny could shoot some hoops and I could run. Well, the night ended with a friendly game of around the world - which I won. Oh, and then I challenged him to a game of pig as a winner-takes-all bragging rights opportunity - I won again.  I'm so glad I had my phone on me to capture the moment. Sorry, love. Maybe next time. 

Dad & Lacey Jaye - are you so proud?

{"you can't ball.. you can't ball"}


  1. Great photos! You look sooooooooo into it. Down with D.Ting! Great job.

  2. Wow was I laughing when I read this. Not the least bit surprised.


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