Tuesday, October 5, 2010

parents, paella & a pig pick-up.

We had a super mellow weekend - it was nice. Friday night we saw The Social Network - and really enjoyed it, have you seen it yet?

On Saturday, we drove down to Tucson to visit B-Joe & Vickdogg (Danny's parents) and to pick-up Mr. Hunter from his two-week vacation with the grandparents. We spent Sunday lounging around the house, eating Beyond Bread and making paella for a "friend's dinner" Joe & Vicky were hosting that night. I'd always heard how time consuming and complicated paella was so I was curious to help and see how it went. Unfortunately had to leave before it was done but we heard it was delicious. Nice work, Dogg! I need that recipe.

{all the fall decorations have motivated me to get mine up soon}

{hunter's look-out point in the living room. watching the front yard}

{vicky and nancy admiring the paella}

{scraps? helllooooo, anyone? down here please}

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