Friday, March 30, 2012

DIY tutorial: clip-in hair extensions.

let's be real. when you see a celebrity or a girl walking down the street with a long luscious mane, there's a def a chance she's got some help in there. don't get me wrong, i have plenty of friends who have real manes (mentioned here), but even the Kardashians admit to wearing extensions.

it's never been a secret that i've wished for super long, naturally wavy hair. oh, how i dream. in 2005 i thought i'd make my wish a reality and went for "permanent" extensions... and that's when the hair torturing began. first flashpoint bond extensions (i'm so sorry hair) and then the toupee tape extensions (put double sided tape on your hair for six weeks, take it out and then get back to me on how your hair feels).

they all looked wonderful for the first couple weeks, but then the washing, the drying, the not washing and the tangling began. oh, and forget swimming. some people don't mind them, but i found perma extensions to be a huge pain in the rear. after my final round of head torture, i decided to use my leftover weft of hair to make clip-in extensions. i bought the supplies, YouTube'd a how-to video and was off the hair races. it's the best thing i've ever done (well, that may be an exaggeration, but not when it comes to my hair). they're so fun and so easy!

making them is cake. if you can thread a needle, you can sew your own clip-ins. the secret's out. i love them.

{both of my hair stylists have recommended the brand 909, it's real hair (vs. synthetic) and super high quality. it's about $150 for a 6-foot weft of hair that'll last you for a couple sets of extensions)

Thursday, March 29, 2012


you read that right folks. we went to The Parlor for "a drink" after work and five hours later decided it was probably time to go home. we posted up in the bar near an open window above the herb garden (love it) and vicky and joe came by for a little bit before going home to sleep off their florida jet lag. we stayed. it was one of those nights where conversation was flowing and it would have been too tragic to cut it off. we got deep. work. life. love. vacations. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

our extended frenchie family is growing!

first lacey jaye + the chad got little miss layla...

then jenny + matt adopted wilbur aka the chunk... 

and this week matt + mallary become mom and dad to the judge! 

hunter & sydney are that rad they've inspired a frenchie revolution among our friends. we loooove it. and since french bulldog owners are typically a little nuts about their dogs, it's great to have friends who understand our obsession and don't think we're totally looney. 

who's next?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

i have beef with bon iver.

as mentioned in this "beats & lyrics" post... i'm a lyrics girl. i connect to music most through the lyrics. the story. and this my friends, is why i have beef with bon iver.

there's no denying the folk band's music is beautiful - almost heavenly, and i think their sound in a festival setting will take the tunes to a new level. however, what the hellll are you saying Justin Vernon? and i thought i mumbled. sheesh. i'd challenge anyone who tells me they can understand the lyrics. sure, i can pick up a few words here and there, but even when i try and listen reaaaallly hard - no dice.

too bad we don't buy CDs with album artwork and pages of lyrics inside anymore - cuz I need em.

a sample... listen here and tell me if you can understand. you're lying if you say yes.

Monday, March 26, 2012

the tortoise & the hare hike camelback mountain.

the last time i made it to the top of camelback mountain it wasn't without tears, naseau and some serious whining. it was back in 2006 with danny, dan & tiffany and i haven't completed the hike since. 

for some reason i suggested to we give it a whirl again before it gets too hot (we're already in the mid-80's here). d loves hiking so i knew it'd mean a lot to him, plus i figured it'd be a good way to burn some calories (let's be real, i don't do this for the fun of it). i also wanted to challenge myself to complete this phoenix staple. so, we planned a low key friday night movie date and were up early for breakfast and a hike on saturday morning. 

i did complete the 3.5 mile tough hike... yup, all the way to the top! was i secretly staring down at the Phoenician pools wishing i was laying out with a cocktail in hand? absolutely. were there two times that i started pouting and wanted to stop and turn around? yes, sir. but when we got pretty close to the top and i sat down and wanted to turn back, danny said that it was my decision, but reminded me that a) there'd always be an asterisk next to this hike and i wouldn't be allowed to claim we hiked camelback mountain b) i would feel so much more accomplished if i just pushed myself all the way up. so after a few minutes, i just kept climbing (and told the next hiker i saw to feel free and trip the guy behind me). i was kinda serious. 

of course i'm glad i pushed through. the views were beautiful and the sense of accomplishment was awesome. ting was super patient and pushed me just enough. i'm not a speedy hiker, but on the way back down the mountain, i started doing a little "trail running" and danny thought i was badass. what i didn't tell him is that i was jogging on any flatland to get the hike over with as quickly as possible.

{a photo of camelback i took on this beach cruiser ride. i love this photo. 
holy crap, i ended up standing on the top of that high hump!}

{not even half way up and i was secretly starring down at those sparkling blue Phoenician pools}

{saw lots of desert critters}

{the most patient hiker friend. very patient and helpful}

{camelback is not an easy hike. i'm not just saying that. it's a lot of crap like this}

{we made it to the top! here's the evidence to prove it}

{top! no tears!}

{looking at the little ants on the mountain... that's our route back down. ugh}

danny was documenting our journey via Instagram and friends who know my past experience on Camelback Mountain were hilarious and commenting all the way...

Jenny: Did our girl make it to the top without tears?  Yes? Woohoo! 
Dan Lovitz: Way to go Teri! No puking....
Tiffany Lovitz: Don't cry Teri. I know it's difficult but try and power through.
Lacey: Yay! Go TL!
Lisa: I got about halfway one time and cried my eyes out... Way to go t! 

you guys rock. get it, rock?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

triple feature weekend.

we were quite the movie goers this weekend. 
i love being able to reserve our seats online (more about that here).
we saw 21 Jump Street on friday night
The Hunger Games on sunday afternoon
and rented The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for sunday night couch and pizza. 

did you read and/or see The Hunger Games? what'd you think? 
i've read books #1 and #2 and really liked the movie. ting did too.

{quail. always our parking level}

Friday, March 23, 2012

reliving magen's bay.

day one of our trip to the virgin islands (back in january) was spent at the famous magen's bay - in the water with jenny's brilliant digital underwater camera... that broke. it was a total bummer not to have it for the rest of the trip, but the real bummer was post-vacation when jenny tried and tried to get the photos off the camera without any luck.

ting told jenny to bring the camera with her to phoenix and of course mr. tech fixed the digi and saved the photos. it was almost more fun getting them a couple months later... like developing an old roll of film and getting to relive the memories. what a freakin' fun day. the kind of day you wish you could do all over again.

{ting and hot rod}

{ting's happy as island clams}

{looook at that water}

{the boys shoreside with ALL our gear}

{my raft wasn't really feelin' it}

{just chillin'}

{that's better}

{total framer. the island hoppers '12}

{the deweys-to-be}

{matteo in his element}

{two of the best}

{hi matt}

{hot rod dance party}

{lezzie love}

{things are startin' to get rowdy}

{haircuts go tropical}

{yup... things are gettin' sassy}

{my FAVORITE photo - me and tiff clearly freaked out by the huge pelican that DOVE right behind us (see behind colby) - but not colbs... she's posed and ready for a photo and some champagne!}

{fabulous three}

{i spy a tropical awkward shake}

{nice shorts ting}

{ocean dance party. bring your own beats}

{colby hogging the bubbly}

{champagne hog}

{stayin' till the sun goes down}

have a wonderful weekend. 
hope it's super beachin'.
(bad & cheesy, i know)