Thursday, September 30, 2010


Jared and I both enjoy reading and sharing little things we find online... articles, tid-bits, videos, etc. I love it. He (usually) only sends good stuff plus I know he actually takes time to read the things I send his way. It's fun. 

He shared this clever video on Monday and I loved it. Made me smile. 

Oh, and he told me it gets even better the more you watch it.
I actually agree with him on this (and that doesn't happen very often).

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

life and loss.

The past couple months we've been hit hard by the reality that death is a part of life. It sucks. It's hard. And there never seems to be a good explanation - especially lately. Each death has hit close to home and all the lives have been taken way too soon... Erica's wonderful mom, our little Sydney baby, a close friend of Jared's, and this morning we're attending a memorial after a tragic and unexpected loss of Danny's friend and co-worker, a young & healthy husband and father of three.

We have a hard time with death. The unknown of it. The unexpectedness and feeling of helplessness of the situation. The why us? Why them? The what if's? The pain thinking about the families left behind. The waves of emotion... first the shock and pain and then the sadness as things slow down and the reality of the loss sets in. I keep telling Danny that I wish the "gig was up" and we could just have Syd back now. 

As we sit and think about all these losses we try to find peace in them. But how? The old "everything happens for a reason" explanation just doesn't cut it lately. For us, each loss has encouraged us to take a good look at our life and we encourage you to do the same. More than ever before, we truly believe that life is a gift and it can end at any time without any forewarning - so live it up.

Stop waiting to live your life. Go give your loved ones a hug. Let go of the grudges you're holding. Book that vacation you've always wanted to take. Splurge and have dessert tonight. Go surprise an old friend or relative with a visit. Dance. Avoid unnecessary stresses. Don't take your work home with you. Spend your bonus check on something fun. Make time for your hobbies and the things you love. Laugh. Focus on good.

Lately, none of this sounds cliche anymore.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

super sunny california.

The Arizona sun followed The Tings to Southern California this weekend. The entire state saw record breaking heat ... similar to when we visited NYC & Washington, D.C. earlier this summer. Although I have to say that 90+ degrees and breezy on the beach isn't so bad.  

Quick recap of our weekend. On Saturday, we did lunch at Summer House in Corona Del Mar before Colbs and I headed to downtown San Diego to look at wedding venue options (and I think we have a winner!). Danny and Jake spent the day beach cruising around Newport Beach and making friends at the local beach bars - well, that's what they tell us.

By Saturday night, we were all worn out from the big wedding the night before plus a full day in the sun. So Tone and Brian came over for pizza, wine, Jeopardy and a few rounds of Catch Phrase... the Two Tings + Jake won (just saying)

The weekend ended with a leisurely Sunday Funday champagne brunch at Woody's Wharf in Newport Beach.

D and I took an evening flight home, grabbed dinner to-go and were on the couch for the anticipated return of Dexter, our favorite TV series on Showtime. Do you watch? If not, rent Season 1 on DVD asap.

Jam-packed, perfect California weekend getaway.

Monday, September 27, 2010

mr. & mrs. walker.

We're back after three fantastic days in California... welcome Chris and Donna to the married club! As expected, their wedding was picture perfect... even Danny was in awe. The old Spanish style venue provided the perfect backdrop for all Donna's handmade details... chandeliers, crystals, black birdcages, wrapped candles, twinkle lights, black trees dripping with sparkles, Spanish lace, deep burgundy flowers... I'll let the photos speak for themselves - although they really don't do it justice. Dying to see the professional ones. I have a hunch we'll be seeing Chris & Donna's photos on wedding blogs in no time. And on top of being gorgeous, the bride and groom were stunning, the food was delicious and everyone had a blast dancing all night long! You couldn't ask for more.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Walker! 
{i do}

{me & colby with tiffany, the beautiful maid of honor}

{details. details. details... photo board at the cocktail hour}

{picture perfect. stunning bride. chandelier. black wrought iron.}

{from the bride, dancing shoes just for the girls}

{our boys}

{lovely view paired with mariachis... perfect}

{tone and brian}

{mr. & mrs. bockting}

{the sweetheart table}

{one of the many unique birdcage centerpieces}

{love bird cake}

{first dance}

{tiffany gave an amazing toast}


{up next... tiffany and colby}

...more details & photos from the rest of the weekend coming soon....

Friday, September 24, 2010

an all about weddings weekend.

Hi from Southern California. This weekend is going to be allllll about weddings and I'm so happy about that! I love all things wedding related.

First and foremost, we're celebrating Chris and Donna's wedding tonight! Donna, there's no doubt you're going to be a stunning bride at what's guaranteed to be a ridiculously beautiful and fun wedding. Can't wait!

Secondly, I get some rare one-on-one time with my Colby and we have two full days of wedding related appointments booked for her wedding. Everything from looking at a few ceremony and venue sites in a couple different cities (fingers crossed) to wedding dress shopping (I can't really contain my excitement for this part - can we say wedding dress model?) and then more!

Lastly, Colbs and I have an appointment to pick out our beautiful bridesmaid dresses for the upcoming Mexico nuptials of Lisa & Reed!

And yes, Danny is here with me on this trip. But no, we're not dragging him around to wedding appointments. He already served his time for his own wedding and quite frankly, barley made it. Danny's very much looking forward to spending some time cruising around Newport Beach with Colby's fiance Jake.

Congratulations, Chris & Donna!

shmizzle my nizzle.

Happy Birthday, Shmiz! Oh where, oh where would I even begin? Shmer (Erica) and I were randomly paired as roommates for our freshman year of college and have never looked back. We spent the first three months of our relationship sharing a dodgy hotel room, riding our nerdy bikes around blazing hot Tucson, eating way too much Beyond Bread (extra chicken please) & Penguins Fro Yo, pimping out your Nokia phone and oh how I wish we could do it all again.

The thought of all our adventures over the years is overwhelming - in a good way! Girls trips from California to Chicago & New York.. spring breaks & bachelorette parties in Mexico... dancing our way through Sydney, Australia with our Dan's... annual trips to the beautiful Indio desert... each other's weddings.. the first baby announcement (I'll never forget that day)... and I can't wait to see what your 28th year has in store. I have a hunch it's going to be a good one!

Shmiz, you made it through an incredible 27th and I wish nothing but the very best this year for you, Danimal and the Dyl Pickle. xx, c.

i have SO many amazing photos of us i need to scan.
(does that makes us sound old?)
{field day music festival in sydney, australia}

{indo, california for the coachella music festival in 2008}

{oh happy day}

{me, shmer & jenny at homecoming 2004}

{spring break. acapulco, mexico in 2005. matching juicy, duh}

{fourth of july 2005 in huntington beach, california}

{hippie chicks}

{festival sidekicks}

{in manly, australia}

{just being ourselves in 2003}

{seattle, washington in september 2007}

{it's official. dan & erica tie the knot (the first time)}

{what would your 22nd birthday be without a shot in tucson?}

{a baby & a bachelorette weekend. august 2010.}

{the hippest parents in town}

{visiting the new shmom & tiny dyllan in seattle. lil bug is in the pouch}

{i love this photo. do lab for life}

Hooray! Jump for joy! It's your birthday!