Monday, December 31, 2012

a new baby & bottle of bubbly.

one month ago we sat on this couch with steph, ryan & kelsey (here) as a family of three. the very next day colton nicholas was born. one month later, we were all back on the couch so me and d could meet the little man. it was a heart-warming way to spend the last afternoon of 2012... dear friends, a new bundle of joy and a bottle of bubbly. 

colton nicholas
december 3, 2012  
9pounds 5ounces

the new mama is lookin' great.

the boys.

ting created quite the pillow contraption...

...and it didn't look so comfy cozy for colton.

much cozier.

check out stephanie's blog "many hats of a mom" at

welcome to the world, colton. 
we can't wait to watch you grow up.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

a fantastic dinner with friends.

during our holiday trip to california we only spent one night in la, but it was a fantastic one. 
and i think i speak for everyone involved. 
the six of us laughed - a lot. we talked - a lot. we joked - a lot. 
each one of us divulged our goals & resolutions for next year to the group. '13 is gonna be good.
ting was in a hilarious mood and had us cracking up all night long. 
it was really great. i never stopped smiling. 

these two couples hold a special place in our hearts. 
darren, meg, danny, teri, colby & jake  //  december 27, 2012  //  venice, california

night night la la land.
until next time.

Friday, December 28, 2012

someone turns seven (eh, 47) today.

mr. huntie:
i sure do hope you know how much your dad and i love you.
it may seem borderline creepy, but we don't care. you're the best.

my milkbone wish today is that scientists figure out an age-defying dog serum soon 
so you can be in our family forever. 

happy 7th monsterpants.
read more all about huntie here.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

a trip down memory lane before today's walk down the aisle.

lacey jaye is getting married today! 

as i was writing my toast i was flood with wonderful memories.
sitting down to reminisce and write about your relationship with someone really causes you to reflect. 
as i wrote, i was overwhelmed thinking about our friendship. it's unlike any other that i have and i'm so thankful for it. 

a handful of memories from yesteryear... and to think we're both wives now. wow.
the ultimate beach bums. we spent as much time on the beach as we could. wearing only Roxy.
the only year we were SM knights together.

and i guess these photos answer the question, "teri, what's your natural hair color." 

more lacey + teri memories & photos in this post.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

december has felt like this...

a big blur. 
anyone else with me on this one? 

it's december 20th. 
i've already been at the new job for three weeks.
lacey jaye is getting married on saturday! 
ornaments never got hung on the tree (but it's still so beautiful).
holiday parties have come and gone. 
just once i saw the inside of a gym. 
our christmas cards barely got dropped in the mail today.
and my fingers are crossed that online orders get delivered on time. 
and if not, oh well. 
it's been a bustling holiday season - just the way it should be.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

aunt chilada's getting married.

four girlfriends gathered at postino last night to celebrate the holidays and miss angela's engagement to nicoli.

everyone who knows angela is so excited. when she and nick took off for their 16-day trip to bali, it was seriously ring watch 2012. we were all on pins and needles watching her daily Facebook updates and anxiously awaiting the "i said YES" social media post. even danny was like, "you can't really see her left hand in any photo - maybe she's hiding it?" ha. when the text & official post finally came, i think you could hear the screeching all the way from phoenix to new jersey. 

right after she returned from the bali beaches, i got to spend a little impromptu alone time with her and get the angela-style scoop (every detail) over a bottle of wine, bubbles and cheese. it was a special night and i loved every second of it. we spent hours chatting, laughing and bouncing around from vacation updates to wedding details. at one point, we realized danny was re-filling our champagne glasses with water. rude (but thank goodness) :)

aunt chilada, i'm over the moon for you and nicoli. you've snagged yourself a wonderful man. you have a beautiful life ahead of you that will be filled with rustic adventure and true love. you're glowing and calm. you're going to be a stunning rice & beans bride (and there will be refried beans, damn it). i can't wait to celebrate every step of the way to globe. it's your year. love you mrs. menninger to be. muah! 

4 months. 28 days. 
let's do this.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

career congrats package.

during my first week on the new job, i came home to find the sweetest and most unexpected package on my doorstep.
thoughtful and crafty rachel put together this "congrats on your next chapter" pack just for me. take a look. 

pens & notebook: "she's a dreamer, a doer & thinker. she sees possibilities everywhere." 
complete with a handwritten note: for all those big ideas.

natural bath treats: to relax after a long and hectic first week.

a sweet card & bottle of bubbly.

it came at the perfect time - the end of my good, but totally overwhelming, first week. as it is, advertising/public relations is fast-paced, and this was baptism by fire. i'm in a new role with a whole new set of responsibilities. there are new names to learn. different protocols. unfamiliar clients and businesses to learn about. hours of meetings and reading strategy documents and plans. and the thing that threw me for the biggest loop was working professionally on a Mac operating system. i've an Apple girl at home, but iMail, iCal, iContacts, etc... i kinda wanted to pull my hair out a few times, but now just two weeks in, i'm loving it and totally off to the races (phew!

you're a great friend, rachel. 
thanks so much for your support and thoughtful gesture.

p.s. if you're ever looking for an awesome event planner - rachel's your gal.
check her out here.

Monday, December 17, 2012

homeland :: my favorite show on television.

that, my friends, says Season Finale of Showtime's Homeland. boy oh boy do i love that show. do you watch? we just watched the finale of season two and it did not disappoint. just when you think you have things figured out... eeeek!

the show is about a US Marine who becomes a prisoner of war in Iraq for eight years, and then returns to the US as a war hero. a female CIA agent, played phenomenally by Claire Danes, suspects he may have been turned into a terrorist and is back in the US with ill intentions. twists. turns. smart story line. amazing acting. i highly recommend you watch Season 1 this holiday break. and yes, you must start from the beginning. 
hunter was super into the finale, too. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

festive les' birthday at searsucker scottsdale.

almost a month ago (shame on me for the lag time), we celebrated miss leslie's "festive les" birthday at scottsdale's newest restaurant, searsucker. a san diego favorite, scottsdale has welcome searsucker with open arms. the owner has a handful of concepts and i love how their names are all textiles: searsucker, herringbone, burlap, gingham and gabardine. i haven't been to the others, but i have such a clear vision on how they should look based on their name. aren't those great names? if you're looking for a fun vibe this weekend, give it a try. even if just for a drink and app.

we reserved a long table right by the bar and DJ booth where the ting's fave local DJ (Shawn Watson) was spinning. our group ordered bunches and bunches of small plates to share which included "cowboy caviar" aka rocky mountain oysters. um, yeah. a bunch of us girls dug in without asking first what we were eating. chewy. bleh. 

all in all, it was a fun and festive night celebrating the one and only les. 

the night ended in a way only festive les' birthday would... 
wild and crazy golf cart rides, vip booths and shots.