Sunday, December 2, 2012

colton is officially getting evicted.

during our trip to the burbs today (more about that later), we swung by the cross residence for one final hug before steph & ryan head into the hospital late tonight/early tomorrow morning to welcome their newest addition into the family - a son. and at 41+ weeks baked, mama stephanie is really ready to meet this babe.
my view today when i went in for a hug. 

we've been spending a lot of time with this family lately. weekend visits just chillin' out on the couch, eatin' in & out, playing with kelsey and helping put her down for naps. both d and i have been loving it. we're around so much that kelsey isn't even shy with uncle danny anymore. in fact, there was a little bit of flirting going on today.

sharing some pizza.

and then there's aunt teri trying to get a photo with a sassy toddler. not gonna happen.

but we did play photographer together.

 hello, mr. myles. lookin' trim these days.

we love you steph & ryan 
can't wait to meet colton and visit your family of four! 

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