Monday, December 3, 2012

my fortune cookie spoke the truth.

right when i thought i had everything in control and my career train was comfortably cruising along, i got a call.

it wasn't something i was looking for or saw coming, but it was worth listening. and after many subsequent conversations, pros & cons lists and sleepless nights.... i decided to take a leap of faith and steer my professional train down a new track.

it's bittersweet. it's exciting. it's nerve wrecking. and it wasn't a decision that i took lightly, but i'm totally ready for this new experience. for a new set of challenges and even more opportunities to learn and grow.

so wish me luck... today's my first day at the new gig. 


  1. Exciting! What are you going to be doing??

  2. What?! Need more info!! Exciting- good luck today!!

  3. Have been thinking about you all day! Hope its going well. I'm sure they already love you!


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