about us.

We met in Tucson on Labor Day Weekend of 2002.
Got engaged in San Francisco on Labor Day Weekend 2008.
Said “I Do” in Rancho Santa Fe on Labor Day Weekend 2009.

Together we… graduated from the University of Arizona (Go Cats!), said goodbye to Tucson and hello to Phoenix, got married and became "The Tings," grew our family by adopting our French Bulldog son Hunter & daughter Sydney, have begun to explore the world, see lots of concerts, play a whole lot of backgammon, go through our fair share of ups & downs and fall in love a little bit more each day.

about him
--a handy man who loves to build & fix everything from cars to homes.
--always on the quest for the perfect headphones.
--lover of acoustic guitar, electronica, and everything in between.
--amazing masseuse.
--commercial real estate guy by day.
--beer connoisseur by night.
--loves the smell of play dough.
--wants to design us a craftsman style home.
--go-to menu is a good burger, pizza slice or chimi.
--has a substantial headphone t-shirt collection.
--can grow an awesome beard.
…her best friend.

about her
--photo obsessed. taking them. looking at them. framing them.
--a girl who loves a checklist, itinerary and a detailed plan.
--cherishes girlfriends.
--drawn to all things lacy and shabby.
--a daddy’s girl.
--a lover of live music and dancing in the grass.
--passionate about seeing the world.
--always up for a do-it-yourself project.
--public relations gal by day.
--san diego roots.
--won’t say no to a boozy brunch.
--dreams of sharing the same zip code with more friends and family.
…his best friend.

welcome to our blog. it's our way of sharing this journey with our friends and family across the globe.


  1. OMG - reading this is sooo cute! b/c my sister and BIL went to U of A - Go Cats! Hunter is her fave boy name! And Sydney is our future daughter name! hahah! Anyways - y'all are too cute!

  2. Very cute description and pics :)

  3. Thanks! Glad you've stopped by!

  4. Thanks! Glad you've stopped by!


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