Saturday, August 11, 2012

well hello again, city of sin. it's nice to see you.

that's right. i'm in las vegas right now for jenny's bachelorette weekend
one of the most anticipated bachelorette parties of all time. 
why? because she's a total party animal
i can't even begin to imagine the stories & photos that we'll come back with - gonna be nuts

ready or not, here we go... it's time to get retro & raunchy in the city of sin (our theme).
think disco balls, sequins and all things totally reDICKulous.
yup. it's gonna be like that. 

to those of you who can't be with us this weekend... shmer, carlye & lisa - 
it truly won't be the same without you. we'll get an extra haircut in your honor. wish us luck. eek. 

and in case you forgot, the last time we were in vegas together it looked something like this & this & this.

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  1. HAVE FUN!! I'll miss you guys too.. can't WAIT to hear all the stories and see all the pictures!! Have fun!


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