Wednesday, January 4, 2012

why hello there, 2012.

On New Year's Eve we decided that one more drink and small bite at Postino was most appropriate before our big night out with Alex. We sat at our usual bar seats and ate our traditional fare while we chatted about the places we'd been in 2011 and our resolutions and wishes for 2012.

From there, we were off to Alex's casa for a champagne toast before heading to Rips, a local dive with a great DJ where we danced in the New Year! Wishing you nothing but the best in 2012. It's gonna be a great one...
a) twelve has forever been my lucky number 
b) 2012 marks ten years since ting and i started doing this dance (holy moly)
c) someone turns the big 3-0 (clue: it's not me) 
d) we already have a year's worth of fantastic vacations and weddings on the books


{the last (of many) drinks and eats at our neighborhood Postino}

{hot pink lips & lots of sequins}

{it wouldn't be a celebratory night out without glow sticks}

{love this... the disco ball, the toasting behind us, the kiss in the corner. must be midnight}

{by the proximity to the speaker immediately behind... no wonder our ears were ringing the whole next day}


  1. Was the a squirrel pound I saw you doing?!

  2. Shmizz! Good eye! A modified squirrel pound for sure!


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