Tuesday, January 3, 2012

celebrating christmas in tucson.

we really stretched the christmas holiday this year with a christmas eve family party, a full christmas day followed by a trip down to tucson for a christmas dinner at danny's 'rents house with even more family.

{great grandma meme, aunt deborah and little makaela}

{b-joe and his mama}

{our annual giant box of Cheez-Its from grandma peggy}

{the whole family's stockings made with love by marybeth}

{aunt deborah is so much fun}

{our little busy baby}

{a baby and hunter are like two magnetic forces that can't be stopped}

{huntie is sooooo funny}

{grandma peggy and huntie all ready for christmas dinner}

{hunter keeping my seat warm while I take the photo}

{meme and danny catching up}

{nothing better than chunky baby legs}

{all strapped up and ready for adventure with makaela's giraffe}

{miss makaela modeling her jammies from mimz and handmade beanie from fay}


  1. oh my gosh cheez its!! great great present!!

  2. Makaela is soooo cute!! She's getting so big!

  3. it was a great time! yes, nicole - the cheeze its are an annual must! shmiz - she's seriously SO precious.


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