Monday, January 9, 2012

music on my mind.

with the anticipation building for coachella's 2012 line-up expected to debut this week, music has been on our minds. plus the glorious weather in phoenix has me extra itchy for festival season. it's been a windows down... tunes up and cruising kind of week!

some albums (both old & new) that are currently on rotation in our home. there are so many great albums out right now i'm considering making this a regular post topic. i sure hope to see a few of these on the coachella line-up.

artist: the rapture
album: in the grace of your love 
genre: post-punk indie + electronica & rock
album released: september 2011
listen to fave tracks... "how deep is your love" press play // "in the grace of your love" press play
wanna learn more? click here for the wiki page // click here to read what the critics are saying

artist: quadron
album: quadron (debut album) 
genre: electric soul
album released: july 2009
get a feel for quadron... "slippin'" hit play // "average fruit" make it play.
wanna learn more? click here for the wiki page 

artist: crazy p 
album: when we on
genre: electronic soul
album released: september 2011 
tracks that'll make you move... "heartbreaker" listen now // "wecanonlybewhoweare" play button.
wanna learn more? click here for the wiki page.
side note: danny and i saw crazy p at field day with these two in sydney, australia on january 1, 2006. read more here.

artist: metronomy
album: the english riviera
genre: electro pop 
album released: april 2011 
give 'em a listen... "the bay" play button // "the look" play it.
wanna learn more? click here for the wiki page 

artist: M83
album: hurry up, we're dreaming 
genre: psychedelic electro
album released: october 2011
the most recognizable track, it's a good one... "midnight city" play now.
wanna learn more? click here for the wiki page. 

artist: bon iver 

album: bon iver
genre: indie folk rock
album released: june 2011
handpicked tracks for you... "holosene" play here // "calgary" play now 
wanna learn more? click here for the wiki page.

artist: boombox
album: downriverelectric 
genre: multi-instrumental smooth electro 
album released: june 2010

the duo's newest track "me and my baby" just debuted. listen here.
wanna learn more? too bad. no wiki page for boombox.

artist: beirut 
album: the rip tide
genre: indie folk 
album released: april 2011
give a listen to... "santa fe" click here.
wanna learn more? click here for the wiki page. 

artist: martin solveig
album: smash
genre: progressive house
album release: late 2011
tracks that'll make you moooove... "c'est la vie" click here // "hello feat. dragonette" play now.
wanna learn more? check out the wiki page here.


  1. love, love this post! great new bands i'll have to try out, and some personal favorites. thanks for sharing! you should absolutely do these posts more often, you have great taste in music and i'm sure some hidden gems.

  2. thanks, rachel! glad you enjoyed it! that's fun to hear. i had fun pulling it together so i think i may have to make them more regular!

  3. LOVE this post!!! So great- and really useful! Keep it up- my vote is yes!


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