Thursday, January 5, 2012

all pinned up.

bobbi pins are a staple in my life. i can't live without them. i use them daily.

i'm loving the fancy pins i've been seeing online and in stores like anthroplogie, but $15 - $28 for a single bobbi pin? come on. so i did what any crafty girl would do - i decided to matters into my own hands and create my own fancy pins using things i had around the house. it almost feels silly to consider this a DIY project because it's insanely simple. hopefully it will inspire you to create yourself some hair flair for pennies. 

all you need... 
super glue / a glue gun - if you don't already own one, go buy one now. they're like a dollar and the best tool ever. 
buttons, rhinestones, ribbon, yarn, sequins stretch... - $.25 a yard for this stuff*. that's a ton of bobbi pins. 
bobbi pins - small or large 

*if you're in phoenix, locate your nearest SAS fabrics wholesale warehouse and thank me later.

{my new bobbi pins using a variety of materials. get creative. tie bows, wrap with ribbon or do a single sequin}

{looks just like these here, huh? $.15 vs. $28. your choice}

{makes a boring messy bun just a little more fun}

{an extra button from an old dress i'll never wear again}

{a piece of yarn tied into a bow & glued to a pin... easy as that}


  1. love this idea!!!! you introduced me to SAS and I'll never look back. Great photos, love the sequins one.

  2. ohmygosh!! Only you. I LOVE them all!! You are so crafty.. of course a glue gun is a staple around your house.. haha.

  3. Love this and going to make my own! Great idea!

  4. thanks, girls! they're super easy and so much more fun than a plain old pin!

  5. omg! these are so great! i want some!! i need cute accessories for my new short do'!!! your hair looks GREAT btw. :)


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