Monday, January 30, 2012

a sassy saturday with steph.

my girlfriend stephanie and i spent saturday afternoon lunching & craft shopping. she needed fabric for her daughter's upcoming 2nd birthday party so we headed to SAS (i call it "sass" but it's technically s-a-s fabrics) to find supplies to bring the disney themed party to life. i talk about SAS all the time, because i really do love it. most people find it pretty gross and overwhelming, but it always gets my creative juices flowing and i usually walk away inspired (and with a bag full of stuff I may or may not ever use). but when you're paying $.15/yard for things... come on, you can splurge. here's a peek inside the wholesale warehouse that sells ribbon, fabric... you name it - by the pound.

{need ribbon, sequins or leather?}

{bins and bins or ribbon}

{buckets and buckets of buttons. $.60 for a dozen? sure.}

{steph with her minnie mouse fabric (for tablecloths) in hand}

{buckets and bins filled with all kinds of embellishments & supplies}

{thousands of yards of every type of fabric you can imagine}

{lace anyone? heaven.}

{more ribbon, elastic & trims}

{not glamorous, but a goldmine of cheap crafting supplies}

after braving the warehouse and finding the perfect supplies, we treated ourselves to an open-aired lunch at St. Francis for wine and girl talk.


  1. I call it "sass" too. :) Which one do you go to? I have one literally 1.5 miles from my house.

  2. yeah, mine is super close as well... 11th & Indian School. Which one are you near?

  3. Oh wow! Look at the possibilities!

    Minted Magazine

  4. a) there is on on McClintock? and b) looking at this photos, I am getting anxiety all over again. They could at least merchandise. sheesh. c) love our wine dates. day or night.

    1. It's actually on Apache, just west of McClintock.

  5. so so many possibilities and options as long as you're willing to get your hands dirty and spend some time digging!


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