Monday, October 31, 2011

annual horror classic.

as mentioned here, my company has a lot of fun with our halloween's "horror classic" bowling event. this year we randomly assigned teams and it was up to each team to come up with a theme - for legit prizes of course. on friday the awesome costumes were revealed before an afternoon or beers and bowling. it was my favorite horror classic and i had fun being a gnome. i thought it turned out pretty damn cute, plus it's super comfy. happy halloween!

 {angela the haboob & me the garden gnome}

{an arizona haboob and weather newscaster. remember the haboob (here)?}

 {the "gutter gnomes" team}

{mail order brides}

 {white trash wedding party. the bride's baby bump is real!}

 {roller derby girls}

{dancing with the stars rejects}

{sheriff joe arpaio and his chain gang}

{the winning team... these statues are in the lawn of our company's high rise building}

{ben, the photographer statue and his homemade cardboard camera}

{highest female bowling score - for the second year in a row. $125 spa gift card}

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