Saturday, July 16, 2011

on the road again...

Remember a few months back when Danny bought a car in San Diego so we flew out on a Saturday morning and drove it back on Sunday (post here)? Well, we're doing the exact same thing this weekend.

Yup. Apparently we have a thing for San Diego cars (Silvia was also from SD). I've been driving D's Mini Cooper for a couple weeks so we're both excited to be back in our own cars (and I'm not gonna lie - I'm really excited for a new car!). This will be my third car ever. Pretty normal if you ask me, but insane for Danny to comprehend. The man loves to buy and sell cars.

So we're back in San Diego this weekend, escaping the heat and staying far far away from Carmageddon.

happy weekend to you.
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  1. Well.... what kinda car did you decide on?! DYING in suspense here... is it a VW mini bus?!?

  2. shmiiizzz! i'll email you pictures after I take some. I was looking at four different types of cars and after sitting in the lexusIS i was in LOVE and it was a no brainer (shocking for someone like me who typically can't make decisions)!

    @nicole - thanks so much! i'm sure you did something fun yourself.


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