Thursday, July 14, 2011

homemade art.

With all the fun vintage toy cameras and photography apps out there, pretty much everyone feels like a mini photog these days (sorry to those pros out there, i know you're cringing!). Why not turn your family snapshots - yes, even the iPhone ones - into meaningful decor and art around your home? I think the traditional posed family portrait above the mantle is becomming a thing of the past.

Apartment Therapy recently featured ideas to display your hipstamatic prints. Neat idea. I love homes filled with familiar faces and memories. More ideas for your hipstamatic, holga, instagram, etc. prints here.

Here's another fun idea. Why not turn a fond memory into large canvas art? This just goes to show they don't have to be professional looking, but rather fun family photos. Idea first seen here.

While we're talking about wall art, in our next home I really want to do a wall of frames. I saw this particular one on my friend Ashley's design blog, Orchard11. I'll finally have a use for the old wooden frames I've picked up at vintage & antique stores over the years.

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other photography apps i love...
PS Express

what about you? what am i missing?


  1. the minimalist in me is cringing on the third pic, but I still likey.

  2. So funny- I have done a few canvases- they are so fun, easy and personalized. Love where this is going.

  3. These ideas are cool...
    Its looking good in some events like dead day or Halloween..

    Scavenger Hunt Idea


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