Saturday, April 2, 2011

sunny san diego.

I got a call from Ting on Wednesday...

Him: "Hi, do we have any major plans this weekend?"
Me: "Um, I don't think anything that would qualify as major. Why what's up?"
Him: "I bought a car - it's in San Diego. I just booked us a flight for Saturday morning."
Me: "Awesome! I'll call my parents and let them know."

So, we're off to San Diego this morning! It'll be a quick trip but the timing is perfect since I've been craving some Schramm Family time. We're spending the day with my family outside doing some "tourists in our own city" things and the night in San Diego's downtown Gaslamp District with our friends Tiffany and Troy. On Sunday, we'll be cruising in Danny's new ride back to Phoenix!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I think your husband is addicted to the new car smell. :) Safe travels you two. We can't wait to see what the Bockting new car is these days. xo


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