Friday, April 8, 2011

so happy right now.

we just got some really great news.
my dad had a little health scare but it looks like the initial test was a false positive.

love you dad.
we've been thinking about you all day.

these types of things are always a gentle reminder to...
spend time with the ones you love.
not take a healthy day for granted.
be there when your friends and family need to lean on you.
not sweat the small stuff. there's always gonna be enough big stuff to sweat about.

have a wonderful weekend. my heart is happy.


  1. Well said! It is so easy to loose sight of what is important. And unfortunately, scary situations are really the ones that help us find perspective again. Glad to hear your Dad is OK!

  2. just caught up with the blog! didn't realize bill was under the weather, but SO happy to hear this news. cheers, tings and hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. xx


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