Monday, January 24, 2011


Thank goodness for dogs. When everyone else had exiled me to quarantine in the back bedroom this weekend, I could count on my little man for a cuddle. It's amazing how dogs truly make you feel better. I haven't been that miserable in a long time and Huntie was willing to stick it out with me (I'm feeling much better).

I got nervous about getting Hunter sick so I tried looking up the truth and myths about humans and dogs sharing germs. I didn't find anything solid but the pounding in my head only tolerated a minute of internet searching. I did see that dogs can be sneaky carrier of strep which they do pass to humans. Interesting.

{my lovely red nose. ouch}

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  1. I think I jinxed myself.. now I have the flu too... and no dog... just a baby, which is the worst kind of company you can have when you cant get outa bed (no offense Dyllan)... doh.

    Glad you're feeling better:)


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