Thursday, May 2, 2013

wedding DIY nights.

we just completed DIY night 2 / 3 for angela & nick's upcoming nuptials. 

i hosted the first one and alicia the second, but the recipe is the same each time:
girlfriends + wine + cheese + scissors + glue guns + lace + programs + sore backs + the clock strikes midnight

almost everything is crossed off the list. we're so close. 
and good thing, because we're just 15 days and counting. 
snip and clip and repeat.
it's gonna be a fiesta of grand proportions! 
fantastic helper. making sure the stack of 200 program sheets didn't go anywhere.
angela had the DIY a-team. a wedding planner, a professional apron maker & crafting crazed ting.
two tasks totally completed! 36 aisle chair decor tassel thingies and a sweetheart table sign.
excuse me? there's no resting.

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