Friday, May 10, 2013

father john misty at the crescent ballroom.

only halfway through the set, ting declared that the show was "top 3" for 2013, so far. that's big people. ting's a pretty tough critic.

father john misty, j. tillman, is a natural performer. he was destined for music. he's got a sexy stage presence, groovy moves, a strong point of view and blends a mix of humor and insults to keep the crowd engaged and thinking. he's a lyrics guy, which i love. here's one of my favorite songs and glimpse at what you'll get with him live.

  clicky here for upcoming show dates and cities. goooo.

my view. up close & personal.

the after party --- DJ Sean Watson, in the lounge.

  scott coffey brought allll the moves. 

 ready to ride home. night night.

give him a listen this weekend.
happy friday.

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