Monday, December 19, 2011


about a month ago i decided to turn art inspiration into a reality. remember this post? well, i loved the personal photo collage piece so much that i did a little research and found prinstagram, a company that turns your iPhone Instagram prints into a poster for you. all you have to do is log-in, select which of your photos (50 - 400 depending on how big/small you want the photos), and they do the rest - to the tune of only $25.

i went with 200 images and got my awesome 20"x40" poster within a week. and thennnn, i went to have it framed. newsflash: 20x40 is not a standard poster frame size. therefore, my $25 print turned into a $155 piece of art when i had to pay $130 (with a 60% off coupon) to get a custom frame made. and i went with the most inexpensive metal frame and glass combo i could. whoops. but, i do love it.

if you're considering making one, an idea for you - perhaps get two posters with different photos and have them laid side-by-side and framed to create one big 40"x80" piece of art or one really tall & skinny floor frame (of course the custom frame will be spendy).  

here's the finished product. i do love how each photo is something personal just to us. 

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  1. WOW Thats awesome Teri!! And thats totally something i would do- order the print get all excited, THEN find out that the custom frame would cost a fortune.. good for you with the 60% off though! Im impressed- i always love your work.. I constantly wonder to myself what your hourly rate would be - if i was able to hire you to do these fun projects for me! You could really start a business.. i love the memories you keep alive!


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