Thursday, August 4, 2011

ode to joy.

Beethoven's "ode to joy" has been the number one song in our household this week. We can even tell you all the notes... E-E-F-G-G-F-E-D-C-C-D-E-E...

Last Saturday we went to The Cross' House for dinner and as always it was an absolute blast. When together the four of us (+ Kelsey) laugh the entire time. After spicy shimp tacos, a few bottles of wine and the baby in bed, us adults went for a night swim until a monsoon storm rolled in. Not ready to end the night, we retreated to the den where Ryan showed Danny a few chords on the guitar. Ting did really well! We were all shocked how much he retained.

Ryan's mini-lesson inspired D to learn some more on his new guitar (seen here) this week. I'm really impressed. He watched a few YouTube tutorials and within a couple hours he was reading sheet music and playing "Ode to Joy" for me and Huntie. Impressed. Keep it up, Ting-a-ling. It's pretty hot.

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  1. ...aaaand, you're a pretty impressive pianist. Who knew we were all so musical talented. Well, you three. Me ... I’ll be your band’s marketing manager. I’m so proud of Danny! He’ll be jamming out in no time!


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