Tuesday, May 10, 2011

two mom's in the house.

Danny and I hosted Mother's Day dinner for his mom and sister. It was a big one for the family - Tricia's first as a mom and the first with three generations of Bockting girls. It was a special day.

Everyone came over late Saturday afternoon and little Makaela was the star of the show. She's really filling out!

D and I got ambitious and decided to put out a full spread. Appetizers, homemade sangria (recipe here) and this new recipe for the main course - homemade lemon ricotta ravioli with proscuitto and asparagus. We had a blast preparing everything. The ravioli was super zesty but everyone seemed to like it. Dessert was a must, so we served homemade Ghiradelli browines with fresh strawberries and french vanilla ice cream. Yum.

Being away from home can be hard on these holidays. I'm so grateful to have a such a wonderful family here.

{apron by hot chick aprons}

{trimming asparagus, so easy a six-year-old can do it. right, dan?}

{professional ravioli maker. i really should get him a more manly apron to use.}

{ricotta and parmesan stuffed ravioli}

{a glowing grandma}

{i have a feeling she'll be looking at him weird for the rest of her life}

{two girls who love pink}

{huntie can always count on B-Joe for attention... no matter how many babies}

{hunter: "just let me sniff and lick the baby... please! give me that pacifier!"}

{hunter: "i'm outta here. this is ridiculous.}

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