Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's day via polaroid.

We chronologically documented this year's February 14th with 14 polaroid photos. It was a great day.

1. the calendar invite that popped up on my phone last week. 
made me so happy i took a screen shot.

2. waking up next to my cuddly huntie & his heart.

3. conversation candy hearts sprinkled on my work desk when i got in.

4. at my office - the bouquet and card that were hand delivered by my husband.

5. casual america's taco shop lunch with my valenting in pink. ha!

6. hot pink shoes for me.

7. our dining room table. cards from our parents, love coasters + flowers in meme's milkglass.

8. danny's new valentine's day socks... hot pink flamingos. love, me.

9. pit stop at Macy's on the way to dinner. happy valentine's day to us... we finally bought the couch we've been wanting for three years. in 10-12 weeks we'll be in plush, down heaven.

10. having a drink at the bar before dinner.

11. ting loved his card. 

12. dinner at the new Citizen Public House in Scottsdale. cheers to us & pub love.

13. dessert. only because my dad told me to splurge and have some tonight.

14. ending the wonderful day with a nightcap at home so we could be with huntie.



  1. CUTE!! Happy Valentines Day Tings! Love you guys!

  2. You guys are too cute for words! Love the way you shared your Vday with us. Sounds like it was amazing ;)!


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