Saturday, February 12, 2011

jacob's golden birthday.

It's Saturday February 12th and Jacob turns 12... it's my nephew's golden birthday! I love that I was in high school when Jacob was born - in some ways, we've grown up together. Jakey and me are only 15 years apart and Steven "Uncle Dingers" is only 12 years older than Jake which is why I know we'll always be super close. He's a great kid who in true pre-teen fashion is into skateboarding, video games, having the perfect skinny jeans and recently motorbike riding at the desert with Dingers & Havie (Heather) and has started taking drum lessons!

Jakey, hope you had so much fun celebrating your birthday at Six Flags Magic Mountain! Next year - a teen!

{jacob with his super hip aunts & uncles}

Happy 12th Birthday, Jacob!
We love you very much.

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