Monday, February 7, 2011

go pack go.

Super Bowl Sunday. As planned, we did The Vig for sunshine and beers followed by an evening at home for the game, advertisements & lots of homemade snacks. Our game day recipes here. Congrats to all you Packers fans.

{i really wish i liked bloody marys. i tried again but it's official - i don't.}

{sunday's live music at the vig}

{bocce ball}

{so much for the cold. it got really warm in the sun. i have the burn on my pale chest to prove it}

{notice our pile of layers on the chair}

{j-rod's in town!}

{lots of beers at The Vig resulted in us purchasing pizza... not homemade}

{super bowl commercial thumb ratings - this one was for a fast & the furious movie - shocking.}

{huntie helping me with the chex mix}

{jared skipped guacamole and tried to make quinn's pizza rolls... tried}

{alex stopped by for beers, wings & more}

{homemade buffalo chicken wings + celery}

{danny got iced.. well, not really. he got Bud 55'ed}

{our dog with no manners watching the super bowl... and climbing on the coffee table for scraps}

{pizza rolls that baked for about 45 minutes. eh, A for effort}

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