Wednesday, September 1, 2010

one in a million.

Yesterday, Danny flew off to California for work and I took Syd to get her Packed Cell Volumes (PCVs) tested. Despite thinking Syd was making a comeback, blood tests showed her levels are dropping -- again. Our two vets were on the phone with Syd's internist to discuss our options to get her AIHA under control. After hours of discussion and research, we all came to the same conclusion.... Syd is that "one in a million" case. She's rejected all the traditional steroid treatment, blood transfusions, oral medications, etc. So this morning, Sydney's going in for a unique, six-hour IVIG procedure that will hopefully put her on the road to recovery.

Another emotionally exhausting day. Then, you add in the fact that Danny and I are supposed to leave for Hawaii tomorrow to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Given the recent circumstances, us going is completely up in the air. We're so back and forth... weighing everything... and at this point we still don't know if we'll be celebrating in Hawaii or Phoenix. In our hearts, we honestly think she's on the mend and is going to be okay, but the numbers don't lie so we're faced with some decisions.

So here we are, the ultimate planner (me) is hours from a plane flight and I honestly have no idea if I'm going to be on it. We've decided to wait and see how everything goes with the procedure and make a last minute decision. If we're even the tinsy bit hesitant we'll reschedule for a later date and not think twice about it (like Danny did with this trip and this trip). My dad is flying in from Oregon just in case he needs to babysit while we're gone, and if not he'll be here for a visit (love you, dad)

We've always known our Syd was one in a million - just not this kind.

Please keep sending your positive energy Syd's way! It's really meant the world to us to have so many family and friends rally around our lil girl.

The little lady enjoying a mani & pedi from dad during The Emmy's.


  1. Teri- my heart just dropped... I cant even tell you how much positive energy I am sending Syd's way.. I KNOW she will pull through this- and you couldnt have said it better- she really IS one in a million! She is such a fighter- and she has the BEST family in the world! Thinking of you guys non stop today- and hoping that you will be on your flight to Hawaii tomorrow. Good luck- and keep us posted!!

  2. PS I feel smarter now after reading your blog- thanks for the links with the definitions. You crack me up. Really though- much smarter now!

  3. You have the best husband. If you don't end up on the flight I'll bring over a cocktail with an umbrella in it just for you two. I have an extra lei from college you can borrow. Best wishes Syd's way from us to you.

  4. teri hi! its your little sis here. i read your blog everyday (l.o.v.e. it so much btw). wanted to let you know i'm sending huge positive vibes your way for Syd. she'll pull through... positive law of attraction works wonders :)

    miss you!

  5. hi girls! thanks so much for the sweet comments and positive energy... it means SO much to us. i'll keep you posted on her progress as soon as we hear anything!


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