Sunday, September 19, 2010

bear down.

The Arizona Wildcats made us proud this weekend! Quite the game. 

Danny's parents were in-town so we went to Tricia & Earl's house for some swimming, a BBQ and to watch the big game together. It was really nice to spend the weekend relaxing with family. 

Arizona 34, Iowa 27. Go Cats! 
{wildcat pride}

 {the crazy cousins. two boston terriers and a french bulldog}
from left to right: buddy, henry & huntie.

{the boys nice & cozy and ready for kick-off}

{our sweet little humper, eh i mean henry}

{danny's swimming outfit gave B-Joe a good belly laugh}

{buddy taking a quick dip in the pool}

{my blue eyed boys}

{a little tequila tasting compliments of big e}

{hunterman loves his wildcat jersey}

{the game ran way past the little man's bedtime. mom was fired up}

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