Wednesday, August 22, 2012

soaking up home.

i can't stop thinking about the perfect little weekend me and the mister had.

you girls out there, ya know those days & weekends that are perfect for no grand reason? the kind that make you feel like newlyweds all over again? it was one of those. 

after back-to-back trips with girlfriends, i was ready for a weekend at home with my man and that's what i go. we made no plans and didn't force ourselves to do any chores. the result? a perfect blend of relaxation and spontaneous fun. 

i finished a book. we rode bikes everywhere. we explored downtown and got a sneak peek of a new ale house. we tried new restaurants & ended up dancing like crazy to DJ Sean Watson at the crescent ballroom all saturday night.

that weekend at home rivaled any fancy getaway. 
i love you, d. 

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