Thursday, July 26, 2012

hi, i'm alive.

it's pretty sweet how the texts & emails start coming from friends & family when i don't blog or communicate for a few days.... especially following a very blog worthy girls weekend. apparently people do read this thing.

"are you okay? where are you?"

hello, all. i'm alive. i'm well. i'm just insanely busy at work and it all started the second i landed back in phoenix. like, i don't really remember the last time when my inbox, phone log or outlook calendar looked like this. #brainfried.

let's just say, i can add crisis communication public relations to my resume. for reals.  

danny gets a gold star for having food & wine on the coffee table when i get home. i eat, sleep and then push restart.

lots of fun photos from my getaway girls weekend plus other updates coming soon. xx

{this has been me & my world lately}


  1. I read this thing! Welcome back to life, T! Sounds like we need a wine date to recover.

  2. Rock star PR girl with her giant DC. :)

  3. Seriously, I was really starting to wonder where you went.. Hope you're back soon;)


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