Thursday, July 12, 2012

family heirloom loot.

each time i go home, i come back with a few new things. this time i was on a mission for afghans. my grandma eileen and mom used to crochet all the time and i was anxious to get my hands on a few of their blankets. i use a blanket every night on the couch - even in the middle of the summer. i'm just more comfortable like that.

while we were in oregon, my mom pulled out a dozen or so handmade afghans and quilts and told me the background on each one - who crocheted it. when it was crocheted. the story behind the colors and patterns. danny limited me to two (and that's all we really could stuff in our carry-on luggage), so we came home with these.

{both crocheted by my grandma eileen. we totally love them.}

plus i may have snagged another milkglass vase...

...and this awesome crocheted lace / oversized doily for the sitting room couch :) 

thanks, mom!

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