Thursday, April 26, 2012

summer shedder.

do you have a dog that sheds? we do. oh, and he's white and we have dark hardwood floor. it's a winning combo.

our lovely beige couch constantly has a blanket on it, our ottoman is covered with a throw and we're pretty much covered in dog hair at all times - especially in the summer. 

the love he brings to our family makes the fur worth it, but oh what i'd give for an anti-shedding magic tool. at least this kid loves to be brushed. i don't blame him. i love having my hair brushed too. plus, dad always finishes with an all-over rub for the kid which looks like a mini massage. 


  1. Did he shed as a puppy? So far no shedding for Judge. Hmmm... hopefully this isn't something we have to look forward to?!?!

  2. Teri - Try the furminator! It's AM-AZ-ING! They have one for dogs and one for cats. Honestly, it will change your life. Good luck :)

  3. My pants constantly look like that to. Good thing the pups are so cute!!

  4. hi girls! i feel all of your pain. @mallary, i don't recall as a puppy, but they're def shedders! @tasha - i'll have to try the furminator!


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