Tuesday, November 1, 2011

little treasures.

during a recent lunch break i hit up the melrose district to browse some vintage shops and found this silver footed tray with three glass dishes on top. for $29 i snatched it up and was on my way back to the office.

i can think of a 101 ways to use my newest vintage find.
-filled with different sized pillar candles during the holidays.
-to hold bottles of wine while entertaining.
-to sit on my dresser with perfumes, jewelry and girly things.
-on the bathroom sink filled with toiletry items.
-with the glass trays in for olives, nuts & appetizers.
...the list could go on and on. i love my little tray.

it's currently on the island with a candle, vase & apothecary jar filled for fall. holy moly it's november.


  1. All this year I've been seeing people show their great estate sale or discount finds. I would really like to visit one of those markets. This is a beautiful tray. Target coincidentally has a similar one. Not as vintage, but inspired lol

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  2. thanks for stopping by and feel free to follow the Tale of Two Tings. we have a couple really great vintage districts in phoenix. i'm lucky! looks like the buyers at Target have taste - but i'll take something authentic over big box any day of the week.


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