Monday, June 20, 2011

friendship bracelets.

If you've been around me and Ting lately, you've noticed our friendship bracelets.
Yup, the kind that you made and wore in elementary school. I love them.
They're simple, bright for the summer and remind me of being young and carefree.

our wrists lately...

some of my creations...

Both Jenny and I made a bunch earlier this spring and since then,
I've noticed they're popping up in bunches of fashion magazines and blogs

Did we start the trend, subconsciencly follow it or am I noticing it because I'm wearing them.
Either which way, I'm on board. Are you?

{Photos from the blogs listed above}



  1. I love friendship bracelets! I totally remember making those back in the day. I had a plastic holder made especially for ALL my thread colors. Will you make me one, or two or three? I would love to get on trend and show off the talents of my ever so crafty friend :)

  2. We have to learn the multicolor upside down V! Didn't even know it was a possibility. Wonder if my little YouTube friend could teach us!

  3. Cute friendship bracelets! Accessories like this are not just for friends, but for couples too. My girlfriend and I have a couples bracelet and they look awesome. I wanna buy more for us. =)

  4. Hi Walter! We totally agree! those are mine and my husband's wrists up above - matching friendship bracelets that we never take off. Love it!


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