Wednesday, December 22, 2010

seasons greetings.

I think most people would agree that one of the best parts of the holidays is coming home to a mailbox full of Christmas cards after a long day at work. I've loved seeing so many photo cards this year - they're my favorite.

We've always lacked a good place to display our cards. This year, I decided to tape them around a big mirror in our sitting room and I love it. It's fun to see them all at a glance and it's another festive touch for the room.

Where do you put your holiday cards? 


  1. I love that idea!! So true- its hard to figure out a good spot for them.. We put ours all over the place.. some here and some there. But either way- its soo soo fun getting them in the mail- and seeing what everyone is up to. Love this tradition.

  2. This year I put mine on our piano in the entry way. I looooove getting holiday cards. Reminds me that e-cards aren't taking over the world ... just yet.


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