Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween through my iPhone.

I don't like using the word hate but I hate living so far away from so many of our good friends. From happy hours to holidays there's no doubt everything would be more fun with all of us together. I dream of the day.

Until then, thank goodness for iPhones. This weekend, I got a bunch of photo text messages from my girlfriends showcasing their Halloween costumes and loved it. This is Halloween 2010 as seen through my iPhone.

Colby & Jake... night one they were 70's. The next night Colby transformed into a Kandy Kid.

Carlye as Katy Perry with Jerm as Russell Brand at Ghostland Observatory! I texted Car,"So jealous! Dance your heart out for me, Katy!" And she wrote back the best Carlye text I've ever received, "You bet your ass I will!!!"

Shmom the Flapper (she wasn't too keen on the last minute costume, I thought it was cute) with her Dyll Monkey.

And then there was Quinnster and crew as The Chilean Miners.

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  1. wow!! all of these costumes (sept mine) are AMAZING!! hahaha- love Carlye's text back! Umm, you need to upload your photos! In costume.. and half way out of costume.. at dinner.. with the exception of your facepaint and blood tear. Upload it. Now.


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