Friday, July 30, 2010

sydney's home away from home.

We were back at the vet this morning with Miss Sydney. She's super lethargic, won't eat, has the shakes, is pale and weak. Dr. Bracken did some more blood work on the little lady and saw that her iron count is low but he's thinking there's something else going on. We call at 9a.m. tomorrow to get the results. We want our spunky lil girl back!

Syd moped, Danny messed around with doctor's tools and I watched.
{mom, i keep losing weight but my ears aren't shrinking.}

{forget it. i'm too weak to care. i'm taking a nap.}

{is this a good angle for the thermometer, dr. b?}

{danny! stop touching the doctor's stuff.}

{more blood work? another shaved arm? i just can't take it anymore.}

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  1. haha, love the pictures on this posting. And your commentary- especially the one with Syd positioning for the themometer.. and also the one where Danny cant keep his hands of the Dr.'s tools.


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