Monday, July 15, 2013

brunch has gone to the babies... not the bubbles.

that may not be entirely true - blair never made a peep during brunch - perfect angel. 
but perhaps it was ironic for me to kick off tiff's thirties at a champagne brunch and pass on the mimosas. 
a sign of what's to come for me in just a couple of months?
naaaahh... just the decision based on a wicked hangover. 

tiff's lovely parents diane & mike treated us to a delicious brunch at Sparks in Huntington Beach. 

it was a toast to two birthdays - tiff and sabrina, her younger sister. 

the brunchin' bentleys!

 a man who's not afraid of a baby. 

a beautiful new mama on her birthday.

cheers, tiff! 

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