Wednesday, April 3, 2013

scenes from rachel's birthday bike ride bar crawl.

the vig arcadia // o.h.s.o. nano brewery // JT's // the little woody // taco bell

birthday girl with a crown & a clapper.

ting, mikis & the boys playing an exhilarating round of trivial pursuit  

birthday girl lookin' fly.

andrew, say cheeeese! 

a glitter star clapper used to demand the attention a birthday girl deserves.

saaaay spritzers!

wee wee and mee.

welcome to 29, my friend.

bikes, bikes & more bikes. 

"because <festive les> don't care! she loves it!"

and yeah, rachel and i got pretty much the same outfit memo.

will prepping for some festive secrets. 

o.h.s.o. canal patio.

happy birthday, rachel! 
oh how we love your annual bars on bikes celebration. 

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