Tuesday, November 13, 2012

nobody cares, but this is an awesome day in my life, so i'm documenting it.

my tailbone no longer hurts.

have you ever really bruised/fractured/slammed your tailbone? holy sheet. that's not something i hope to do again. on the morning of sunday, october 28th i managed to give my rump a run for the money and i've been in severe pain ever since. like can't roll over in bed, bend down to put my shoes on and if danny squeezed me too tight in a hug i'd burst into tears -- that kind of pain.

i've been rocking the donut on my seat at work and live for ice packs in my pants. it's been real sexy.

buuuuttttt (literally).... i woke up this morning and i think my bum is back to normal. hooray. this is EXCITING.


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